About the project

MY TIME project is my private initiative for responsible, socially engaged fashion. I would like people who choose my projects to create a conscious community that will be a brick for activities aimed at improving the condition of the modern world without giving up great and functional clothes.

Although I was inspired by the American movement TIME’S UP, which for the first time on such a large scale dared to publicly oppose sexual harassment and discrimination at work, “my TIME’S UP” is so much more – I would like to end the time of tacit acceptance for lack of freedom of speech and thoughts, lack of tolerance for racial differences, consent to exploit the cheap labor of the poorer regions of the world or mindless exploitation of natural resources – and many other contemporary social and ecological problems that we are struggling with in nowadays word.

As part of the MY TIME project I will create a regular authorial collections and collaborations with other socially engaged artists. Each of this collection will  be relate to one, selected topic, and the total income from its sale will be each time allocated to a charitable organization active in the chosen field.